Contact Person

Markus Kliem
Team leader Metrology
Phone: +49 841 133 40 - 20



We create and extend existing measuring programms offline with PC-DMIS, iDA and Audimess.


The programs can be used:

  • On all CMM´s with DMIS-Interface
  • ON all CMM´s with PC-DMIS software
  • To create DMIS-programs for Zeiss Eagle Eye and Wenzel Phoenix
  • To create HOLDS test sequences


We support you during the installation procress and offer customized training programs on site.



Software-tools used:


  • PC-DMIS (Hexagon)
  • iDA (Zeiss)
  • Calypso (Zeiss)
  • Audimess (VW)
  • Metrolog XG  (Metrologic)
  • Quartis (Metromec AG)