Together with the shoe manufactory Hackner from Hilpoltstein, which has stood for first-class footwear in technical perfection and technical innovation for 70 years, we are looking forward to an exciting project in the coming weeks.

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The focus is on Runnertune running shoes - High Performance Running Shoes: Handmade in Germany. Hackner attaches great importance to first-class equipment with minimum weight for optimal running performance. This demands highest precision and most modern manufacturing methods.

"Anyone who has already dealt more intensively with our shoes knows that when we place an order before we ship the shoe, we send our customers a footfall foam in advance to determine the size. This step foam, with the impressions of the customer's feet, is then sent back to us. We then measure this in our company and send our customers the most suitable Runnertune running shoes or VitalloFlex shoes", says Michael Hackner from the shoe manufactory Hackner about the current procedure.

Now we are starting a very interesting joint project.

The aim of the project is to develop a digital measuring method for feet in order to create an alternative for the previous foot measurement by means of foam impression and to test this in practice. At the end of the test, 4 runners of the company MQS will compete in the "Wings-for-Life-Run" in Munich on May 5th with Runnertune running shoes, whose feet were measured with the new, digital measuring method and which have received the Runnertune running shoe in the best fitting size for you.

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Week 1 - Digitize Now!

Before a Runnertune running shoe is shipped to its new owner, we send a special step foam to our customers. But why the footstep foam at all? Unfortunately, there are no standardized shoe sizes and shoes from different manufacturers are therefore different. This is sometimes even true within a manufacturer's model range. With the foam print, on the other hand, relevant information is obtained from the runner's foot in order to find out the perfect Runnertune shoe size and then produce an optimally fitting running shoe.

It is important that the runner climbs into the foam box as centrally as possible and stretches his toes normally in order to make a precise and lifelike impression of the feet. It also makes sense to make the impression at midday, as the foot swells during the day and a realistic average can be achieved at this time of day.

To get an idea of the initial situation, we start by scanning the footfoam. This serves to compare the digital footprint with the analogue.

Different systems are compared for the measurement and generation of the digital model. A ROMER Absolute measuring arm from Hexagon with HPL sensor and a GOM Atos Compact Scan of the latest generation with 12 megapixel resolution are used. In addition, a third method is to be introduced and the data digitized via image processing.

 Week 2 - Digital Footprint

After the step foam was recorded in the first week using different optical measuring methods, the scanning of the feet is now being carried out in the second week. In order to achieve usable results such as those obtained with step foam, the runners must remain calm. The foot should not move during the recording! This would affect the result. Here, too, the previously used techniques are used. Hundreds of thousands of measuring points are captured in a point cloud before it can be converted into a 3D model.

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Week 3 - Smile, you´re on camera!

After using industrial scanning methods in the last two weeks, we thought about a more practical solution this week.
A smart solution is to be used. The use of the camera of a Smartphones, which is available meanwhile always and everywhere, is obvious. Photogrammetry will be used for recording. Markers are used to record the dimensional information. The resolution of mobile phone cameras is very good nowadays. The pixel density is correspondingly high and sufficient. However, a lot of importance must be attached to good exposure and the quality of the photos themselves, in order to obtain a useful result later.

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