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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence supports the manufacturing industry in developing today's breakthrough technologies and tomorrow's revolutionary products. From CAE solutions for design and engineering to high-precision coordinate measuring technology and 3D laser scanners for our own automation department. As a partner of Hexagon Manufacturing, the Experience Center for the southern region is also housed in our company, where demos as well as training courses and contract measurements can be carried out.

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Eleven Dynamics is one of the most important partners when it comes to production-related optical measurement systems such as Mantis®. Due to the very early cooperation especially with the software Nexos4.0 we were able to increase the effectiveness of our Mantis® systems significantly. For new technologies we work hand in hand to find an optimal solution for the customer as fast as possible. Demos for the software Nexos4.0 can also be performed at our Mantis® demo cell in Ingolstadt.

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ScanTech specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of intelligent visual inspection equipment and offers the following services
professional 3D digital solution for various industries.

Our R&D team developed a series of 3D digital equipment with own intellectual property rights such as portable laser 3D scanner, global 3D scanner, white light 3D scanner, tracking 3D scanner and global photogrammetry system and so on. In particular, PRINCE series with the ability to capture extreme details and AXE series with high volumetric accuracy are global creative initiatives that are attracting great attention and recognition in the 3D digital field.

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As a complement to robot-based optical measurement technology, we have Itaca as a strong partner for tactile measurement systems which can be fully integrated into existing production processes. Itaca has many years of profound experience in programming as well as integration of their tactile measuring stations FlexGauge which are specifically tailored to the application. By specializing in production environments, a wide range of possibilities can be implemented, an automatic probe cleaning station is just one example of the flexibility.   


As a measurement service provider that also works with optical measurement technology, we appreciate AESUB for efficient work and thus also became a reseller. AESUB helps to digitize reflective and transparent surfaces. It evaporates after the 3D scan. No more mess, no more cleaning, easy to apply, thin layer, super quality - state-of-the-art scanning spray! AESUB sprays enable faster, more efficient and more accurate 3D scanning processes. Even attempts to automate the application of AESBUB Green on car headlights using a robot-based spray gun have already been implemented together.

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Duwe-3d AG has many years of experience in optical metrology and data evaluation. As a European partner and exclusive representative of InnovMetric Software Inc. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Duwe-3d AG is your contact for all questions regarding the PolyWorks software.
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Renishaw is one of the world's leading manufacturing and scientific technology companies with expertise in precision measurement and medical technology. The company employs over 4,500 people worldwide and offers products for a wide range of applications, from engine and wind turbine manufacturing to additive manufacturing (3D printing), dental technology and neurosurgery.