Measurement services

Measurement laboratory for contract measurements and training

We have state-of-the-art measuring machines in our measuring laboratory, which also serves as a demo center for Hexagon MI since October 2016. There we can perform a wide range of measurements for you, both tactile and optical. We are also happy to offer you the opportunity to train your staff on site under the best conditions. Our specialists with practical experience are at your disposal.

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Our services

  • Sampling and series measurements of interior and exterior components, up to the complete body
  • Graphical and statistical evaluations with PiWeb, Q-DAS, DMO, Excel export, other interfaces on request
  • Transfer of your PC-DMIS, DMIS, or QUINDOS measuring programs
  • Multisensor measurements on stationary and mobile measuring devices
  • Mobile measurements at your site with measuring arm, tactile and optical with Hexagon HP-L laser scanner
  • Laser tracker measurements
  • Fringe light projection / photogrammetry

Software tools used


  • Various portal and stand measuring machines, some with multi-sensor technology (tactile and optical)
  • Mobile Romer measuring arm with laser scanner
  • Leica Laser Tracker
  • ScanTech handheld scanner

  • PolyWorks
  • Quindos
  • Caligo
  • Calypso
  • PiWeb
  • eMMA, Q-DAS