Inspection Planning

We are working close with numerous OEM´s and Tier1/2 suppliers in the automotive industry. That´s why we do have a high level of knowhow and experience to speed up your projects. We support your planning of single- and assembly parts (interior, exterior as well as complete body in white) from the development throughout the production. We do have capacities to manage complete car projects. We are using CATIA apps like CAIP and MTA, as well as MPE, which is based on Siemens NX.

Our Services

  • Defining RPS alginment
  • Sample concepts
  • Inspection planning
  • Functional dimensions
  • Graphical reporting and updates
  • Change management
  • New project data based on exisiting systems

Software tools

Catia Apps

  • CAIP
  • MTA (Volkswagen only)

Siemens NX Apps

  • MPE (Daimler only)

Other Apps

  • iDA
  • eMMA
  • PiWeb
  • Inspection Reader (MQS product)