Industrial image processing

The use of machine vision has proven itself in many areas of industry, where it helps users improve quality and efficiency in the production environment. Fast and reliable inspection around the clock makes machine vision an indispensable technology in quality control. Its rapid technical progress is driving the performance of machine vision systems decisively and opening up a multitude of new application possibilities.

Whether it is a full inspection after a long assembly process to check for completeness, correct position and measurement, or even as an optimization in existing processes, machine vision solutions can be developed and integrated.

Possible applications

  • End-of-line inspection systems as black boxes from small parts to entire vehicle
  • Integration into existing assembly processes
  • Integration of automated image processing in manufacturing plants
  • Adaptation of process parameters in the line
  • Visualization of features for manual quality control

Our services

  • Design and development of fully integrated complete systems
  • Robot programming for highest flexibility
  • Image processing programming (in combination with laser sensors if necessary)
  • Sequence programming with SPS control
  • Communication to tracking systems for process optimization of the line
  • Design of image processing systems
  • Feasibility studies